After installing, click the Windows start button in Windows 7 or the application search button, in Windows 10, type "TimeLock.exe" in the search box.

Click item TimeLock.exe. The Home panel will appear:

create a LockBox

Click the Create link on the Home panel.

  • You will be prompted to enter a name for your lockbox.

  • Only valid Windows file name characters are allowed, not:  * ? / \ : " 

  • Names must not exceed 32 characters in length.

Click on the advance link '>' to continue after entering the name.

You must enter between one and five questions and answers. These should be questions which the intended recipient of your LockBox will know the correct answers to. When opening the LockBox, the recipient will be presented with the questions and will have to give exactly the correct answer in order to unlock the LockBox.

Click the '>' link to advance to the next question/answer or the '>>' link to advance past the remaining questions.

Enter the beginning and ending time when the LockBox may be opened. Any attempt to open the LockBox outside of this time range will fail.

The Begin Time must be at least four hours before the End Time and the End time must be at least four hours in the future.

Note These times are UTC, not your local time zone.

Enter a password for the LockBox. The recipient will need to know this password in order to open the LockBox. The password must be at least four characters long.

Select a data file that you want to pass along to the recipient of the LockBox. This may bay any file type, as long as it is < 10KB.

Finally you will be prompted to re-enter the password and TimeLock will build the LockBox file.

The LockBox file will have extension .x and will reside in the following directory:


unlock a LockBox

Starting at the Home panel:

  1. Click the Unlock link

  2. Select the LockBox file (extension .x)

  3. Enter the password for the LockBox.

  4. Answer the questions for the LockBox.

If you have entered the correct password and answered correctly and if the current time is within the TimeLock for the LockBox, then a dialog will appear, prompting you to select a location "Browse For Folder" where the data file will be created.






TimeLock is verified by syncing to the Bitcoin blockchain. This may take a minute or several, depending on your internet connection. Syncing will go more quickly after you have unlocked your first LockBox.

TimeLock time is based on Bitcoin block timestamp for the last block received and is therefore quite granular. That's why the minumum TimeLock interval is four hours.

Once you have selected a folder, TimeLock will prompt you to "Reveal file <data file> in Windows Explorer?"




If you choose yes, then a Windows Explorer window will open and reveal the data file in the location which you have specified.